The Reality you have to know about Bondsman

Helping others post bail, or getting arrested yourself, is a frustrating and dramatic scenario involving a lot of patience and legal and financial intervention. When a individual is taken in, common questions emerge at first about bail bonds and how to get bailed out of jail. Below are 5 commonly asked questions about bail bonds and bail bond operation, click resources.

How much does My Bail cost?

It all depends on the situation you are in and on which charge you were arrested. The standard bail rate is 10 to 15 per cent of the value of the initial bond. And if the amount of a person’s bond is $5,000, then the bail cost will be $500. That’s where ten per cent of the bond is. If the rate is 15 percent, then $750 will be the bond price. State law requires these percentage ratios, which is why they will vary from state to state.

How long do I have to be in jail before I can post Bail?

The amount of time you spend in the county jail depends on a number of factors. Whether you have past convictions on your record or you happen to be waiting for court on pending charges, usually the prison time will increase. If you are arrested on other charges while awaiting trial, you may be held until your next court date, and bail will be banned, but this varies case by case.

When you are arrested on charges of alcohol, bail is denied for at least 8-9 hours , depending on your jurisdiction. To be released a person must be sober, and if 8 or 9 hours is not enough time, a person should be treated longer until bail is allowed. To be bailed out you have to be processed, but you have to be sober to be processed.

When you are convicted on charges of battery or resisting arrest charges, a judge will totally refuse your bail opportunity and hold you locked up until your court date. Court dates can be set in as early as one week, or one month in other specific cases. It can sometimes even be longer depending on the amount of traffic passing through the prison.