Traditional Interior Shutters

Traditional shutters, also referred to as colonial style shutters, are typically 3⁄4 inch thick and have 1 1⁄4 inch wide louvers, or slats. Although certain conventional shutters have flat slats, most have wedge-shaped louvers running down the middle with a ridge or vain. Typically the louvers are arranged in one-inch centres. Checkout Shuttercraft Cambridge for more info.

Modern shutters are available in different variations for the doors. The one you get will depend on how big and tall the window can open. The most popular setup is the four-panel unit, which has two panels on either side of the opening window.

If you’re looking for single-tier café shutters which are shutters that only cover the bottom of the window, traditional style shutters are a good choice. You will also get double tier shutters, also called commonly styled two-tier shutters. This means the top panels open separately from the panels at the bottom. Traditional shutters are always made from solid wood and so far have not been made from synthetics, vinyl or polywood.

Such shutters came from the United States of America in the North West. Massachusetts, New York, New England, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Delaware, Virginia, Maine, Maryland, Washington DC and Rhode Island are all states in which homes display this shutter style of popularity. The style was first used in the United States during the pre-revolutionary period. Traditional shutters have become common in the U.S., especially in colonial or country decorated houses.

Although plantation-style shutters have become increasingly popular with homeowners over the years , traditional-style shutters are still the choice of homeowners living in small towns or in the countryside. Unfortunately, many manufacturers have stopped making those shutters altogether because of the popularity of the wide louvers of plantation shutters. This means they are more difficult to find and more expensive too.

Now that traditional shutters are harder to buy, more and more people are wanting them again. It could make their production more popular in coming years. Nevertheless, don’t foresee them to be available in synthetics, plastic or polywood very long, because most consumers also enjoy purchasing real wood shutters if they purchase them.

Modern shutters can also be offered for sale online by custom designers. You ‘re going to have to look harder for them than you are going to for plantation shutters, but if you’re set to the classic style, if you’re patient and thorough you can get it.