Process of Perth Skirting Boards Painting

The height is another aspect of your skirting board that you’ll need to decide on. The first thing you have to make sure is there’s consistency throughout the property, varying heights look very weird. If you are redoing the skirting of the entire house or building a new property then the height of the walls should be consideration number one-the higher the walls, the higher the boards. Remember radiators (buying skirting boards that don’t fit under the piping is a costly mistake!).Have a look at Perth Skirting Boards Association for more info on this.

If you have skirting in your property that you really like and want to put in another room but can’t find them anywhere, they don’t worry, a quality joiner should be able to replicate what you’re after.

Easier said than done though! While you can mount fixtures to the top of the skirting board, because of the distance at the bottom of the wall between the end of the plaster and the floorboard, it’s hard to get a fixing point without ‘bringing in’ the bottom of the skirting board. To solve this issue, many older builders from years ago will cut out of timber, which is known as twisted plugs.

These plugs worked well and in fact are still being used today as a solution to repair skirting in older houses. However, there is an easier way to save the cutting of the wedges and raking out the mortar joints to install them in. This is a trick that not many people are even aware of, so I hope it would be useful for you to fit skirting boards in older houses.

Drill and plug the wall at the bottom, maybe every 2.5 feet or so, depending on the area of the wall to be protected. Now position the screws in sufficient depth so that you can screw them in or out to reach the bottom of the skirting board and then stop the board from pressing in at the bottom.