Perth Broker: The Facts

Researching, comparing and choosing a mortgage is difficult at the best of times. When you have credit history problems, obtaining a mortgage can seem almost impossible. If you’re looking for more tips, Perth Broker – Mortgage Broker Mandurah has it for you. That’s why it helps to use an adverse credit mortgage broker. With qualifications and experience in the market, a good broker is ideally placed to help you find a mortgage that suits your circumstances.

Can I trust an adverse credit mortgage broker?
It’s easy to understand why people may be worried about getting advice from an adverse credit mortgage broker, particularly if they have had bad experiences with financial institutions in the past. Brokers often get paid in commission – so they will receive money from the lender whose product they have sold, and the commission will vary from product to product. This has, in the past, led people to believe that brokers would only recommend the products that earned the highest commissions. Fortunately, this is not now the case. An adverse credit mortgage broker must be regulated by the Financial Services Authority in order to remain in business. Regulation involves a detailed process which means that the FSA must approve the broker’s policies and working methods. The broker also has to commit to working to a set of guidelines that are designed to protect the consumer at all times.

Part of this regulation means that the broker must provide you with a written document detailing their advice, together with illustrations of how the products will help you. This will allow you to come back to the broker with written documentation should anything go wrong. In addition, some adverse credit mortgage brokers are opting to be paid in a combination of commissions and fees. This may mean that, like a solicitor or an accountant, they may charge a fee for their advice. Bear in mind that the broker may be able to get a better deal for you than you could get on your own, and will offer practical advice, so it could still be worth your while to pay the fee.

What can an adverse credit mortgage broker do for me?
Whilst you may begin your search for a mortgage by looking in the paper, or talking to one or two high street banks and building societies, you won’t be able to see the full range of mortgages available to you. The number of people with bad credit history who require a mortgage has grown to the extent that new products are being constantly developed for this market. This makes it difficult for the person on the street to have access to all the possibilities. An adverse credit mortgage broker not only has experience in placing these types of mortgages, but will also usually have access to most of the products on the market. In addition, they will have contacts with the lenders, which means that should you encounter any problems with your application, your adverse credit mortgage broker should be able to help you resolve them and even negotiate on your behalf when it comes to the restrictions that may be imposed on you.

How can I choose an adverse credit mortgage broker?
As with all financial advice, the way the broker deals with each client is extremely important. A reputable adverse credit mortgage broker will want to find out exactly what position you are in, whether you have applied for an adverse credit mortgage previously, and look at how you are managing your current debt problems. They will also want to know about the sorts of property you are looking at and the amount you need to borrow. Brokers who don’t show any interest in your circumstances are unlikely to be able to give you useful or accurate advice.

In addition, you should always make sure that the adverse credit mortgage broker you are approaching is regulated by the FSA. This means that they are working to national guidelines, and that you will have a point of contact should anything go wrong. A broker who is not approved by the FSA should not be giving advice to consumers at all.