Information On Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy is the process of using stem cells in order to cure or at least prevent a health problem. As of early 2020, only the very youngest patients are being subjected to this therapy as a preventative measure. This usually involves a bone marrow transplant to harvest cells from the bone marrow and put them into the body. This has been shown to improve the overall immune system and has no side effects or risk to the patient. Get more info about Stem Cell Therapy NC.

As of now there are two types of stem cells. The first type is from the umbilicus and is referred to as cord blood, which has been donated by a friend or relative who would like to save it for future use. The second type is from the umbilical vein and is called peripheral blood, which can be harvested from the back of the arm. The problem with this stem cell is that they are extremely fragile and can easily be broken down by enzymes and bacteria. Because of this, only a very small percentage of donors have their cord blood stored in this way and not in the other two sources.

There are many areas of research and studies that are being conducted in stem cell therapy. Some areas involve harvesting stem cells from the bone marrow of healthy people in order to cure diseases. Other research is focusing on making new cells from the skin or even blood, which is another reason why this type of therapy is sometimes referred to as autologous transplants.

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