County Jail and Bail Bonds Information

When someone is searching for a bail bonds agent, typically they have either seen a sign on the side of the road, or they go to the phone book, or the smart individuals go the the computer and hop online searching for a bail bonds agent in their area so they can bail their loved one, friend, Bail Bondsman near by or family member out of jail.

The problem is there are bail bondsman who really don’t care about your situation and would rather just take your money. There are even bail bonds agents who will dupe individuals and not even bail someone out of jail. Than they have your money and you have a lame legal process to follow through which is just more stressful that what you need.

What I have found is bail bonds companies that are legitimate actually take the time to properly market their business with a good website, marketing strategy, and actually show they care about your situation and want to get the inmate out of jail and into your presence.

So I would suggest searching online for bail bonds agents in your are and by jail. Some of the examples would be by going to Google and searching for terms like “Salt Lake County Jail Bail Bonds” or “Los Angeles County Jail Bail Bonds” this was you get a list of bail bonds agents directly in your area, targeting the jail the inmate is in, and have spent a lot of time to be listed at the top of the search engine to be seen by those searching for that specific term.

You should feel comfortable going with any of the first 10 listings to find a bail bondsman that will efficiently help you get your loved one out of jail and into your arms. Be prepared to spend a decent amount of money depending on how much the bail is. Typically, bail bondsman require 10% of the bail in order to get the inmate out of jail. So for example, if the bail amount is $10,000 – You would be required to front $1,000 to get your friend out of jail. Now in order to not be responsible for the remaining amount, the inmate MUST follow through and show up to court in order to not be hunted down for that remaining $9,000 bucks.

So as the individual posting bail, it is also your responsibility to make sure your friend, or family member makes it to their court date so you don’t have to take care of any remaining balance owed to a bail bonds agent or company.