Top Kitchen Tips

Pizza, fat-tapping beef or poultry. Using Shears to break up a whole chicken, or separate ribs instead of a knife. Check cooking advice.

How to break an egg: Smash the egg into a flat surface, the egg would quickly split without any eggshells touching the platter.

To verify whether a dish is suitable for microwave use: put the dish next to a glass of water in the microwave. Switch on the microwave for 1 minute. Do not use it in the microwave because the water is cold and the dish is hot.

How to find a hard-boiled egg: Put the egg on the counter top and rotate it. It is hard-boiled, as it turns round and round. If it wobbles and is not going to spin, so it’s fresh.

How to determine whether an egg is fresh: Put the egg in a cold salted water jar. It is new as it drops back to the floor. Tossing the egg out as it rests on top is not new.

How to disinfect a scorched or burned casserole: Dust burned casserole with baking powder, adding only enough water for a brush. Let stand for many hours, the burned portion would usually rise straight out of the jar.

How to clean coffee stains: by rubbing sticky areas with salt and a little water, clear tea or coffee stains from thinly filled cups, rinse.

How to clear a sticky stain from a non-stick pan: Simmer for 10 minutes a combination of 2 table spoons baking powder, 1/2 cup vinegar and 1 cup of water. Pan with vegetable oil to reseason.

How to keep the grater clean: Rub vegetable oil on the grater before using for a easy and convenient cleaning.

From a roasting pan clean excess grease: spray the pan with salt, then scrub the pan with a wet sponge or paper towel. Clean as ordinary

Unlog a kitchen sink: blend ammonia, salt and baking soda in equal parts and dump in drain solution; let it stay for an hour, then spill down the drain really hot water.

How to Cut and Chop Garlic Easily: Put in the freezer the garlic cloves. Take out as many as you can when still cold, then peel then cut.

How to avoid drying of the garlic cloves: Place them in a container filled with cooking oil. The oil may be used for garlic infused food, or for salad dressing, after the garlic is used up.

How to save the sugary honey: Put the jar in a boiling water kettle.

Deodorize wooden bowls: Deodorize and clear stains from wooden bowls using a baking soda remedy.

When frying, how to hold fresh corn yellow: Apply 1 teaspoon of lemon juice to the boiling water, a minute before withdrawing it from the burner.

How to stop curling the bacon when cooking: Drop the strips in cold water before frying