Boston House Cleaning Services – Things To Know

If you are planning to hire a maid or a cleaning service there are several questions that you may need to ask. Most services take their work very seriously and the key to their business is communication. Viable house cleaning services do not hire self-employed contractors; all company employed maids. Maids receive insurance and liability, and are bonded and insured against theft and damages.For more information, visit their website at Onix Cleaning Services – Boston House Cleaning Services.

These services ensure their staff are thorough when cleaning. Maids are trained, supervised and subjected to criminal background checks and drug checks before entering your home. These service companies know their employees, and they are confident they will clean their own homes.

You can call the customer service departments and lodge your complaints if you have an issue. On the riverside side, most services ask you to provide feedback about the cleaning services. “We have an obsessive desire to please,” says one cleaning service, “that ensures our cleaning is consistent and of high quality.”

One often asked question, “Do you have a rotation system?” In other words, is only one part of the house cleaned one week and another part cleaned the next week? That may be how you clean, but at every visit, professional maid services clean in depth and thoroughly. Services for cleaning can always be customised. If you need heavy duty scrubbing and organising, just let your maid services know and professional maids will do everything they can to meet your expectations.

Request estimates when hiring a service. The majority of estimates are set to be complete and detailed. If you wish, the cleaning service manager can come to your home to help give you a thorough and comprehensive estimate of the cleaning. Know that the price you are quoted and awarded is the price you pay. Pricing will never come as a surprise.


If there’s something missed in the cleaning of your home and you’re not happy with your service, just notify your cleaning services within 24 hours and the team will come back to correct the oversight. There is no charge. Processional maid services give 100 per cent guarantee to their customers that the work will be done professionally and completely. Most services’ mission statement is, “If you’re not satisfied we ‘re not happy.”