An Introduction to Block Paving Design And How to Select The Best One

In the 1980s, block paving was a major trend in the UK and Ireland. Then the option for paved driveways with blocks was fairly straightforward. With a handful of colors one might pick between clay bricks or concrete blocks. offers excellent info on this. Today, however, the technology has evolved, and the market has become more competitive and established, and today we are spoiled for choice. This has also been very frustrating to all those who are venturing through their Sittingbourne driveways for the first time. We have some tips and advice to help you get a great block paving driveway right in front of your house.

Concrete or Clay The very first thing you have to consider is between the Sittingbourne concrete or clay paving slabs. Concrete slabs are relatively inexpensive, offer various choices for texture and form, and come in very specific sizes. Over time, however, their colors are fading, and their aggregates may also become visible over time. On the other hand, Clay is more costly in comparison; are extremely hardwearing; colors are fade-resistant and even patterned Kent paving slabs are available.

Selecting the colorThecolor is the block paving’s most significant and obvious characteristic that will register for the first time instantly with any observer or searcher. While there is a lack of any particular guide here, it is chosen mostly after considering the effect, the setting and surroundings would have on it; color matching scheme; the interplay of light and shade and of course personal taste. When selecting the color scheme, one must always go for complementary shades instead of the exact surrounding hue. It should fit well with its immediate surroundings, be it houses, walls, gardens, landscapes, townscapes or any other element that generates a sense of suitability. An excellent guide here helps to observe the local environment.

Besides that, you do have to decide whether you want a monotone or a multicolored ring. Monotone, no matter what hue, will have a single pure color. But there would be more than one color to multicolor. It may be a mix of two or three colors, or more. With it, different patterns and designs are created, like the brindles or any other patterns. Monotones tend to be clean and clear where the stains and dirt are almost instantly visible while the multicolored ones appear to blend well with the surroundings and make the stains get lost in their labyrinth.

Selecting the form Rectangular blocks have been around for years, but for many it’s no longer inspiring. They are available in various shapes, interlocking and dentate blocks for breaking the monotony and keeping up with the trends. Not only do these shapes look edgy bit, they also have a higher degree of rotational interlock and can withstand much better heavy traffic than the regular rectangular shaped blocks. In addition, blocks are available in countless shapes but the most commonly used blocks for commercial projects are the W-shaped blocks as well as the S-shaped blocks. Nevertheless, these are never used for construction of driveways or patios. Such commercial pieces are often costly and made to order.

For driveways and patios, the hexagons including the pentagons, octagons, parallelograms, keyhole forms, fans and even some forms defying classification are the most common shapes that are in demand.

Styles A suitable type of block paving is chosen depending on the local area and the building. A new, chamfered, block paving, for example, may not well compliment an old cottage from the 17th century, or an antique style may not be suitable for a gas pump. And the correct design selection is paramount. Some of the most widely used leading types are-Regular Rectangular Molded Distressed or Tumbled Textured or Decorative Varied non-rectangular shapes Specific applications Each has its own design appeal, pros and cons and can be chosen correctly after consulting with the paving specialist.

Finally, on your driveway or patio, the finishing touches like sealing are given ready to be the town’s chat.